Our server management services is the perfect solution for anyone who has a dedicated server, but who doesn't have the time or technical expertise to manage it. With our server management services, you can take care of your business safe in the knowledge that your server is being monitered 24/7. If your server ever goes down for any reason it will be automatically rebooted and checked by our team of technicians. Plus, we will install all necassary security software on your server and harden all critical systems which will protect your server from hackers and DOS attacks.

Here are the services include:

  • Unlimited Technical Assistance
    We do not limit the amount of work we do for you.
  • 24x7x365 (5 minute interval) Server Monitoring with Reboot
    If your server is down, we will reboot it according to your instructions.
  • On Request Backend Server Software Upgrades
    Kernel, Apache, PHP, Exim, CPanel, etc.... Just let us know you want an upgrade.
  • Initial Server Setup
    If you have a new server, we'll setup and configure the server completely from scratch!
  • WHM/CPanel Technical Issues
  • Server Backup Restoration
    If your server requires a restore, we'll restore all of your backups returning your server back to normal.
  • Server Migration
    If you are moving from one server to another, we will migrate all the accounts from the old server to the new server.

Managed Security for Your Dedicated Server

Our server management services includes a full System Security, Optimization and Hardening of your server that includes:

CHKRootKit - a simple program that detects and hacker software and notifies you if any has been detected via email

RootKit Hunter - scanning tool to ensure your system does not have any backdoors or exploits Securing and Upgrading of SSH Server

APF Firewall - the most commonly used policy based iptables firewall system
Anti-DOS configuration for APF Firewall

BruteForceDetection - notifies you of authentication failures

LibSafe Installation - filters common software attacks and overflows

Log Analysis Software Installation - Emails are dispatched daily, the amount of detail in the emails can be changed on request

System Integrity Monitor - 24x7 Internal Monitor that checks all services and restarts them if they are down

SPRI - changes the priority of different processes in accordance to level of importance, hence increasing server performance
Apache HTTP optimization
MySQL optimization

host.conf hardenening - prevent dns lookup poisoning & spoofing protection

nsswitch.conf modification - secure and optimize DNS lookups

sysctl.conf hardening - helps prevent TCP/IP stack from syn-flood attacks and other network abuses

Removal of unused software - prevents exploits and wasted resources

MyTOP - tool for monitoring MySQL threads and processes

MultiTail - view multiple log files simultaneously

TMP Directory hardening ( /tmp, /var/tmp, /dev/shm) - helps prevents execution of malicious scripts
Password scan - scan for easy to guess and common passwords

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