Since our founding in 2006, thousands of our customers have realized success because they chose to do business with a specialist. Our managed server solutions approach is simple — build extensive expertise in managed hosting and stay focused on our customer.

While other business web hosting providers are struggling to survive, we have maintained our profitability and are the fastest-growing server management specialist in the world. provides its specialisation in managing servers on Linux, Windows NT and Windows 2000 platforms. In the most common scenario, enterprises have their servers colocated with an ISP or IDC. There also are a sizable number of companies who have application servers hosted in their office over ADSL, ISDN or leased lines. We take away the task of continually managing and maintaining the services to its optimal capacity, and resolve issues even before they are noticed by your users.

We operate our monitoring servers which poll your servers at defined intervals and capture performance data to our logger software. This lets us know in advance when the server is under load, falling short on resources, or is being abused by a user.

• HTTP Service Monitoring
• Log Checking and Reporting
• Remote Backup Service
• Managed DEFCON Service Levels
• Remote Backup Service
• Firewall Service
• Advanced Spam and Virus Protection
• Advanced Server Support
• Server Monitoring
• Software Updates

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